Brand, Sligo, Sets your spirit free


Our Brand, Our Story

At the heart of Tourism Brand Sligo are five values that capture the character of experience that visitors can expect when they spend time in Sligo. The values of Creativity, Independence, Inclusiveness, Activity and Enchantment inform the way we communicate our individual and collective tourism offering to potential visitors.

Our brand story (below) incorporates these five values and represents the vision of Sligo we wish to foster and promote. Please consider how you might use this story as a starting point when communicating your business or experience online, in print or in conversation.

Our Identity
The Tourism Brand Sligo designed to reflect the the creative, independent, active and enchanting personality of the county. The brushstrokes are inspired by the paintings of Jack B Yeats, the vertical limestone features of the landscape and the crashing Atlantic waves.

Sligo will Enchant You.
It is a county that celebrates its independent spirit. A place steeped in history and mythology, with a creative tradition that lives in the music, art, poetry and expression of its people.

From lakes and rivers to beaches and dramatic limestone mountains, Sligo is a place where ancient sites, spectacular landscapes and rolling waves inspire stories, trails and adventures that will open your mind and invigorate your body.