Ian Carty Ceramics
Ian Carty Ceramics

Phone: 071 087 266 1781

Address: The Benbulben Centre Branleys Yard Rathcormac, Co.Sligo

Email: iancarty@gmail.com

URL: http://iancartyceramics.com/

Dragon Glaze is a mix of 2 glazes, the base glaze is a raku glaze that is altered to melt at a lower temperature to assist in the second process of the firing. The second is a unstable glaze that is normally considered problem or defect for most potters. Everyone of Ian’s pieces is a one of a kind work of art with enchanting surface texture, the technique Ian uses is often considered to be a glaze defect that should be avoided, however Ian has learned to use this so-called defect very effectively as an intentional decorative element.