Inishmurray Island Tours
Inishmurray Island Tours

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The remote and mystical Inishmurray Island four miles from the coast of Sligo is uniquely preserved as an early Christian site and as a wildlife sanctuary.

Experience the romance and mystery of Inishmurrray island aboard the fast mv Excalibur. Keith, will reveal the secrets of the island as you travel. Sceilg Michael, Inisheer, Inishmaan, Tory: these are all enchanted places that call to mind visions of offshore islands shrouded in romance and mystery, repositories of culture and customs lost and gone forever on the more accessible mainland. St Molaise founded a Christian Monastery on Inishmurray in the 6th century, the remains of which are remarkably intact to this day.

This remote and mystical island, four miles from the coast of Sligo, excels all others for its state of preservation as an early Christian site, for its wild scenery and as a wildlife sanctuary.

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