Lily Lolly Craftfest 7-17 June
Lily Lolly Craftfest 7-17 June




Starts: 07-06-2018

Ends: 17-06-2018

Venue: Various

Lily Lolly Craftfest 

WB’s creative sisters Susan (Lily) and Elizabeth(Lolly) will be celebrated in the LilyLolly Craftfest which will be launched on Yeats Day and will run for eight days. The LilyLolly Craftfest includes exhibitions and classes of drawing, spinning, pottery, hand embroidery techniques, automatic writing and tea leaf reading.

W.B Yeats’ sisters Anne and Elizabeth – Lily and Lolly – as they were affectionately known by their siblings – were artisans. They were highly accomplished and deeply creative women who through a lifetime of endeavour made a unique and lasting contribution to the continuance and evolution of Irish craft.

In celebrating the astonishing artistic and cultural achievements of the entire Yeats family on this day, Sligo can embrace artistry and creativity in all its forms.

The Yeats family is a wonderful metaphor, a stunning embodiment of artistic creativity and as such, the members of that family have provided us with a unique opportunity to freely embrace and celebrate all forms of creativity.

Programme Details to follow check here