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Memory Harbour
Memory Harbour

Address: Rosses Point Sligo

Memory Harbour is located in Rosses Point and is the title of an early painting by Jack B Yeats, showing houses, an anchored ship, the Metal Man and a bearded pilot. This was Jack's interpretation of Rosses Point Harbour. His brother, William Butler Yeats, the poet, commented as follows on the scene thus depicted:
"Memory Harbour is the village of Rosses Point but with distances shortened and the houses run together as in an old-fashioned panoramic map. The man on the pedestal in the middle of the river is The Metal Man, and he points to where the water is deep enough for ships. The coffin, cross-bones and skull, and boat at the point of the head-land, are to remind one of the sailor who was buried there by a ship’s crew in a hurry not to miss the tide. As they were not sure if he was really dead they buried him with a loaf, as the story runs".
It is also the subject of a book by John C. McTernan titled "Memory Harbour: The Port of Sligo an Outline of Its Growth and Decline and Its Role as an Emigration Port." The harbour has stunning views with "The Iron Man" guarding the entrance to the bay.