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Up until a couple of years ago I always asked myself the question “who am I?” or “what is my purpose in life?”. I had found myself feeling ungrounded and running from my anxiety. I moved to the UK where I completed an Hons Degree in Mental Health Nursing. I did all the “normal” things like university, employment, travelling but yet I didn’t feel fulfilled. I faced some dark times in my late teens and early twenties and despite trying hard to let it all go, nothing seemed to work. I was encouraged by a Reiki Master to train at level 1 and 2 so I could use this as a self help tool. My life began to feel more calm. I then went and had a course of Reiki therapy and as each session ended, I felt like I was an onion being peeled, layer by layer. All of the shame, guilt, fears and anxieties I had surpressed from my younger years came to the surface and I was finally able to let them go. I have never felt so grounded and at ease in my life since being a young child. I owe it all to Reiki.
My love and interest grew stronger for energy therapies and I became more sensitive to energy around me. As a result. I then went on to finish my Masters in Reiki and completed a diploma in Oisin Bio-Energy Therapy. I have seen amazing results on the people I have worked on so far using Reiki and Bio-Energy. I have found my purpose in life and it feels incredible!

Registered Mental Health Nurse, Reiki Master, Diploma in Oisin Bio-Energy

Website: www.mariafreehillenergyhealing.com

Reiki is beneficial in the treatment of a wide variety of concerns and can be used alone or as a compliment to traditional medicine. It is not necessarily a quick fix, infact the healing process is often compared to peeling an onion. Once one layer is healed another layer may surface to be released. A balanced body, mind and soul are the benefits. Holistic balance means less chance for illness to manifest as well as a healthy outlook on life and overall well-being.
I am continuously grateful for Reiki. I am living a healthy and happy life since my beautiful journey began with Reiki over 2 years ago.

Availability: Monday-Friday 10am-7pm


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