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In order to submit a Listing for your Business or Event you must complete the following steps in order. 

STEP1: Register/Sign Up for an account

a) For first time users, visit and click on “Sign Up

b) You will then be promoted to complete a registration form and accept the terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy for Sligo Tourism.



Once you have registered with the website you will be automatically logged in and returned to the same page.

a) Select “Choose INTRODUCTORY PLAN” and Place Your Order.




b) To submit a listing, simply choose “Add Listing +” now appearing on the top right of the Navigation Menu



Basic Information

Listing Title:

Enter the name of you listings, how you wish it to appear in the listing.


There are 8 main categories, each with a multiple of sub categories. Choose a sub-category that bests suits you listing for optimum results. 


  • Adventure, Biking, Golf, Hiking & Walking, Horse Riding, Tours, Water Activities, Well-being, Other

Eat, Drink & Nightlife

  • Cafes & Restaurants, Pubs, Bars & Nightclubs, Other 

Festivals & Events

  • Comedy, Festivals, Music , Outdoor Event , Sessions, Sports, Theatre, Visual Art, Yeats


  • Craft Shop, High Street, Markets

Sightseeing & Attractions

  • Beaches, Churches, Abbeys & Monasteries, Discovery Points, Historic Houses & Castles, Museum, Art & Galleries, Nature & Wildlife, Tourist Information Offices

Walking Tours

  • Coastal, Lakeside, Rural Road, Upland, Urban, Woodland

Where to Stay 

  • B&Bs, Caravan & Camping, Guesthouses, Historic Houses, Hostels, Hotels, Self-Catering, Other

Enter a number of keywords that you think users of the website may enter to find and your listings. Separate each keyword with a ‘,’. See example on image below.  Be precise and avoid entering generic terms.

Location / Contacts


Enter the name of the closest Town to your business/event. ( i.e. Grange, Strandhill, Sligo Town etc.). Once you start to type,  pre-populated results will appear for you to choose from.

Choosing your nearest town rather than your exact street or townland address will expand the range of searches you will appear in when users “search by location”


Enter your full address here, choosing from the list of results as you type.

If your are having trouble finding the address on the pre-populated results you may type your address but please include Eircode so that we can pinpoint your location on the map. 

Latitude & Longitude:

This is automatically populate when you choose you enter your address  above.

If your are having trouble, you can manually enter the GPS co-ordinates in the boxes provided. You can use this website to find your co-ordinates, by entering your full address or Eircode.

Phone, Email & Website :

Enter these details as you wish them to appear on your listing.


Featured Image:

This is the image that appears alongside your listing/business name among other listings in the same category. Made it relevant and attractive. Avoid using logos, posters, or any graphic elements. This should be an photograph. 

Orientation of Images should be Landscape and no greater than 1200px wide. 
File Sizes should be no more than 200kb per image: 

You can use this free tool to resize your images


Header Media: Background Image

Each listing displays a large image in the background. You can add a new image or you choose to display the same image as used as “Featured Image” above. If you wish to use the same image, you must upload in again.

Orientation of Images should be Landscape and no greater than 1200px wide. 
File Sizes should be no more than 200kb per image:  

You can use this free tool to resize your images


Detailed Information


Enter a description/profile for your listing.

Content Widgets

1. Promo Video:

If you have promotional video and it is uploaded to Youtube or Video you can enter the “Video URL” in the box provided. 

Please do not try to upload you own videos from file. This will likely exceed memory limits are result in you listing failing to process. UPLOAD you video to a video host (eg. YouTube or Vimeo) and paste the link in the “Video URL” box provided. 

2. Gallery Thumbnail:

You may enter a maximum of 6 images to appear as a gallery within your listing. Maximum File Size(s): 200kb (1024 x 768px) 

Content Widgets Cont.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You may add extra information relevant to you listing that you consider useful for users viewing your profile. You may add multiple, click “Add FAQ” to add more. 

Sidebar Widgets

Event Counter:

If your listing is for an Event, then enter the “Event Date” and “Event Time” and “Event End Date” and “Event End Time”. 

Please enter a accurate a “Event Time” and “Event End Time”. Failure to enter will result on the default of 12:00:00 and may have a negative effect on search results. 


Sidebar Widgets Cont.

Opening Hours :

To display the opening hours for you business, select each day and amend the opening and closing hours accordingly.  

Socials and Submit/Save your Listing


To display links to you social media pages, chose a social media platform and add the full link (URL).  You may add multiple, click “Add Social” to add more.

Save Changes & Submit Listing:

When you have completed all the relevant fields above, click “Save Changes” to upload you information to 

We will send you an email with confirmation of you submission and after review of you information we will contact you with any further requirements. 

Thank you! 

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